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Welcome to Vic Tom Ltd. Multi Trade Company!

Vic Tom Ltd. London is a leading contractor in House Extension, Waterproofing, Bricklaying and Carpentry who observe the strictest professional standards.

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Hot Melt Flat Roof

Hot Melt Waterproofing by Vic Tom Ltd. Multi Trade Company is affordable, high performance and brilliant life expectancy.

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Carpentery & Bricklaying

Carpentry and Bricklaying Operations are undertaken by our company at reasonable rates and completed timely and effectively.

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Health & Safety Policy

Health and Safety Policy observed by Vic Tom Ltd. Multi Trade Company in performing of their contract at your place.

About Us

Vic Tom Ltd. Multi Trade Company was started on 12th of March 2012 with a vision of providing excellent contract based services in new house building,

house extension

,waterproofing, carpentry and bricklaying to its customers. Vic Tom Ltd. Multi Trade Company id owned by Tomas Uzemeckas who himself is a very experienced professional in the above fields . Our work is of the highest quality standards and we specialize in Water proofing, flat roofing. The different sets of services that we provide follow best health and safety policies as listed on our health and safety policy page. We are committed to provide the best services in the region.We work with Briggs Amasco, Richardson Roofing, SureWeld roofing, Willo Roofing, Multiroofing system, Superior Roofing.

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What We Do :

  • Hot Melt Roof Water Proofing
  • Domestic Carpentry
  • Commercial Carpentry
  • Brick Laying for Restoration Work
  • Brick Laying for Heritage Projects
  • Bricklaying for New build facades
  • Residential Construction Contracts
  • Educational Construction Contracts
  • Retail Construction Contracts
  • Leisure Construction Contracts
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